Guy Ropes, Springs & Pegs Kit


Kit includes 2 x guy ropes, 2 x trace springs and 2 x galvanized steel pegs (300mm x 8mm).


Basic Instructions;

  • Please use the spring at the top, clipped directly onto the Cvana roller housing. This ensures that if any part ever comes loose the spring should safely fling downward to the ground.
  • Clip the guy rope onto the spring, then secure to the ground with the supplied peg
  • Only put a small amount of tension on the spring, just enough to hold the guy rope in place. This ensures that the spring can still expand further for the Cvana awning to be able to move and flex slightly in the wind.
  • Always use both of the guy ropes at the same time, do not tie down just one end of the Cvana awning as this could cause the awning to twist in the wind and result in damage to other components.
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