Opening your Cvana Awning

Locate the travel latches on the side of the vertical channels at the top. To open; place your pole hook over the travel latch. Firmly push upwards at the same time use your other hand to push the vertical channel into the vehicle. This allows the travel latch to slide up easily.

Locate the wingnut at the bottom of the vertical channels and loosen these. The end of the threaded bolt is burred so the wingnuts will not fall off. Complete these steps on the left and right.

To pull open the Cvana. Locate the eyenut in the centre of the roller housing. Insert your pole hook into the eyenut loop. With both hands on the handle at the bottom of your pole step back until your arms are extended. With a sturdy stance (feet apart) pull the awning until your arms are bent with your hands close to your chest. While in this position with the awning partially open. Hold it there and take approximately two steps back so that your arms are fully extended again.

With a sturdy stance again (feet apart) slowly pull the awning. As your arms get closer to your body again, you will find the balance point where the spring will stop trying to pull the awning back towards the vehicle and the weight of the awning will begin to take over and start trying to drop down. At this point stop pulling the awning out and begin to slide one hand up your pole to keep some sideways pressure on the pole so that the hook does not slip out of the eyenut. SLOWLY keep guiding the awning and straighten your pole angle so that you are lowering the weight down vertically. The awning weight will fall onto the pole hook. This is the part where it is really easy to let the pole hook slip out of the eyenut causing the awning to slam down. Keep lowering it really slowly while standing in the same position until it stops in the full open position .

DO NOT keep walking backwards while lowering the awning. If the pole is not vertical under the housing as the weight falls you will not have control of it. The awning will slam down to open position. The housing will land on the angled hook head, often causing it to snap off, and strain will be put on all of the arm componentry and brackets on the wall of the vehicle.

Now that it is open go to the base of each horizontal arm and tighten the wingnuts. Finger and thumb tight, not spanner tight.

Closing your Cvana Awning

Locate the wingnuts at the base of each horizontal arm channel and loosen these. Get your pull down pole and insert the hook into the loop of your eyenut at the centre of your roller housing. Stand almost directly below the housing, with both hands on the bottom of your pole and a sturdy stance (feet apart). Bend your knees and use your legs to help push the awning upwards. Once its up keep pushing it slowly towards the vehicle until your arms are full extended without walking forward, yet.

At this point the roller spring should be trying to pull the awning closed. Hold the awning still (partially open) and take a couple steps forward until your arms are bent with your hands close to your chest. Slowly extend your arms guiding the awning towards the vehicle until it is fully closed against the vehicle. Remember to keep a bit of sideways pressure on your pole to ensure that the hook does not slip out of the eye nut. And remember to guide it nice and slowly with control to avoid dropping it or allowing it to slam closed.

Now locate the travel latches at the top of each vertical channel. Place your pole hook over the travel latch and pull it down while at the same time use one hand to push the vertical channel into the vehicle, allowing the travel latch slot over the bolt easily. You will feel the travel latch click into place, it should be nice and tight.

Lastly locate the wingnuts at the bottom of each vertical channel and tighten these. Finger and thumb tight, not spanner tight.

Your Cvana is now in travel position.

Using your Rivnut Bolt

This little bolt is designed by Cvana to stop your fabric roof from flapping and ballooning in the wind. It prevents any excess fabric from unrolling from the roller tube when in out position. One of these bolts are supplied with every single installation we do.

When the awning is in open position locate the idler end plate of your Cvana Awning. This is the end plate that has the white bush sticking out. Next to the white bush there will be a silver rivnut fitted through the end plate. Screw the bolt into this rivnut all the way in until it is finger and thumb tight.

As seen in the video, you can test by pushing your fabric up or pulling it down and make sure that you can't pull any excess fabric out of the roller housing.

Make sure to only use this bolt when the awning is in an open position and always completely remove the bolt before trying to close your awning. Ensure to keep it in a safe place.

If you have any issues with the bolt; the rivnut isn't fitted in the end plate or the bolt is not locking the fabric roll, please give our office a call.

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