Full Enclosures

Customised full enclosures can be added to your Cvana Awning system. As every vehicle is different it is necessary for your RV to be brought to either Cvana Awnings (Tauranga) in the north island or Advanced Upholstery (Ashburton) in the south island for manufacture.

Full enclosures include your specification and options of canvas sides complete with door(s), window(s), PVC floor covering, R/V side skirt, along with curved roof rafters, anti-flap kit, poles and brackets. Optional hose fittings can also be supplied allowing you to divert water from the gutter to storage or away from your awning with hoses.

Enclosures provide excellent additional space for stretchers, additional portable fridge freezers, seating, storage and dry space. They are especially useful when staying put for longer periods of time although incredibly fast to pack up and pack down.

The width of a Cvana Awning is typically up to 2 metres wide however this can be extended up to 2.1 metres where the height and placement of the Cvana arms on the RV allows the length to do so.


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